Location and Timings
All classes are held at the community room of the Saint James Park café in Shirley (St. James' Park St. James' Road
Southampton, SO15 5SD). Classes are held on Wednesday mornings, and the new term starts on September 25th.

Dates and Payment
Classes will be organised into 6-week blocks, and payment will be required in advance for each block. The blocks will run as follows:
Block 1: 25th September - 6th November (no class on 9th October)
Block 2: 13th November - 11th December (5-week block, payment £50)
Block 3: 8th January - 12th February 2020
Block 4: 26th February - 1st April 2020
Block 5: Online classes, 7 sessions from 22nd April - 3rd June. (Payment £45)