The focus is on speaking and communication, but I am a firm believer that a good grasp of grammar is essential to oral fluency. There are regular written activities to consolidate learning. Most of the class time is spent on speaking activities using pair work, group work and language games. We will listen to a wide variety of French, using songs, videos and films.The idea is to have some fun as we learn!

Clearly you will be undertaking this course for your own pleasure and satisfaction, but there is no doubt that your progress will be faster if you consolidate what you have learned between lessons. For this reason homework is set each week, and most students choose to complete it, but the tone of the class is informal, and there are no consequences if the dog eats it!

In November 2020 the class began reading Joseph Joffo's autobiographical novel 'Un Sac de Billes'. The book tells the story of two young Jewish boys in France during the Second World War. We will continue with our study of the book in January and February. The book has been translated into English, so potential students thinking of joining the group are advised to get hold of a copy in English to 'catch up' with the others.
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